Pre-Race Preparations

pre-race_001Old habits are hard to break! I totally bailed on this morning’s run – after a freezing cold night of howling wind and rain, I opted to stay in bed for an extra hour rather than facing the brutally cold dawn. I have to admit that I did feel a bit guilty, especially with this weekends run so close. This was really my last chance to get in a practice, while still allowing myself time to recover before Saturday morning. Inevitably, I gave in to the guilt and hit the treadmill for my final preparation run in the few minutes between work and play. I dispensed with crunches, weights, and jump ropes and focused solely on the run. My legs, which had felt a little stiff the day before we back to normal and I felt pretty good the rest of the evening. I’ll take it easy tomorrow, do some stretches in the morning and evening, and go to bed early – but not before spending some quality time with Jess at the new Muppet movie.