stretch_001Over the last couple of weeks I have been looking at various ways to get more out of my work outs and also improve my overall fitness. Obviously, I want to avoid excessive exertion and reduce the potential for injuries. Cramming more activities into my sessions was a non-starter given that I cover two or three areas in each one. It was actually Jess who pointed out, around the time of Jingle Bell Jog, that I could stretch more after and between runs to loosen up my body and help the recovery process.

I started to investigate different stretches, their value and effects, and am putting together a short list of the most beneficial activities to combine into a brief 15 minute stretching routine. Ideally, this is something I will be able to do every day and following runs to aid recovery and encourage muscle development.

I will circle back in a few days and post a summary of the stretches, once I have had a chance to evaluate their effects and choose what I believe are the best for me.

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