I Own The 10K World Record

KenenisaBekele_001Kenenisa Bekele, a long-distance athlete from Ethiopia, is the current holder of the official 10,000M world record with a time of 26:17.53.

On 26 August 2005, Kenenisa set the current 10,000 m world record at the 29th Memorial Van Damme meeting in Brussels, taking nearly three seconds off his previous world record 26:20.31, and running with 5K splits of 13:09 and 13:08 minutes.

Except that, official records show I have actually run faster.

You see, back in late 2012 I ran the Philadelphia Marathon. If you look at the official results from that year you will notice that my time at the first 10K split was 21:46 – a full four and a half minutes faster than the current world record.

I wish!

worldrecord001Of course, that’s complete nonsense. For some reason my official time seems to discount the first 36 minutes of running, which if included, would give me an actual 10K split of 58:22. Let’s be honest, that’s a much more realistic number given my level of experience.

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