Half-Marathon Training: Week Six

nyc_half_w6Week six eases off a little in terms of distance and intensity. The training plan asks for a tempo run early in the week and two easy 4 miles efforts and the start and end. Luckily for me, the monotony of 4 mile treadmill runs is broken up this weekend as the NYRR Gridiron Classic takes place on Sunday morning. Meanwhile Saturday’s long run is only 6 miles.

This week also see’s a slight change in my cross training schedule. As I mentioned previously, I have started taking swimming lesson’s and that will take the place of the bicycle portion of Thursday’s strength and conditioning session.

The first five weeks of training have been a significant increase in my general workload and have taken an increasing amount of time out of my schedule. At times it’s a challenge to fit everything in, so I am going to have to start paying attention to non-running related activities to make sure they do not get neglected.

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