Every runner has their personal preferences when it comes to gear; whether it be clothes, sneakers, or accessories. While I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, I know what I like and I thought it would be useful to collect a list of some of my preferences in case others need suggestions. I have used or am currently using the items that appear on this page and fully endorse them.


  • Brooks Defyance 4
    That I wore through three pairs of these shoes speaks for itself. Great support for the mild overpronator and very comfortable. A little bit on the heavy side because of the deep cushioning in the heel area. But that’s the trade off. I have since moved on to the Defyance 5 by way of a couple of other shoes that are not really worth a mention.


  • Feetures Socks
    I love these socks. I must have seven or eight pairs and cycle through them on a regular basis. They provide a lot of support, are great at wicking the sweat from my feet and yet don’t move around at all thereby eliminating blisters. Highly recommended!


  • Under Armor Compression Shirts
    For a while I used both shirts and shorts, but stopped using the shorts when the gussets started to ball and scrape my skin. I still use the shirts though, and love the support they provide. In fact, I wear these when I’m on the bike and doing weights work at the gym.


  • Vaseline
    It wasn’t long after taking up running that I learned about runners chafe. There are a lot of products on the market aimed at runners, but I prefer to old classic. A dollop of vaseline on the undercarriage before any half decent run will help preserve the tender bits.

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