A Long Road Back

It’s been over six years since I lined up at the start of a race. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wanted to get back out on the road. Sure, there’s been some periods of activity between then and now, casual runs in the neighborhood, half-hearted attempts to get back into shape after (twice) navigating the world of a newborn child. But nothing stuck and there was always an easy reason to not go for a run.

A few months back, Jess and I took the boys to see the NYC marathon. Something about seeing those runners cross that 20 mile marker caused a very strong emotional reaction inside me. I’ve been holding on to so many negative feelings about my own marathon experience that I think that’s a big part of why I stopped running in the first place and why I’ve procrastinated since then.

I used to love lining up with with all the other runners just before the race started. I used to love the feeling of gliding along the roads, passing crowds of cheering onlookers and bursting a lung during that final sprint to the line. I miss those days. I want them back.

So I’m taking the first steps on the long road back. I have some moderate goals in mind for this coming year, starting with a couple of 5K’s and 4M’s and working up to the Philly Half in November 22 and ultimately aiming for the NYC Marathon in November 23.