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My Sennheiser PMX680i Headphones

I don’t often listen to music when I run. Most of the time, I prefer to keep that time for more reflective and meditative activities. Without music I find myself becoming more immersed in my surroundings and observing much more of the world around me. However, there are a few occasions where I find that music really fits. For example, a half marathon race or a speed session on the track or treadmill. In both cases, adding a fast beat and deep bass soundtrack has helped me push myself beyond my comfort zone.

For the longer runs or sessions, I typically opt for a Group Therapy Radio podcast from Above & Beyond. ABGT is a weekly radio show that highlights some of the best trance and progressive music around. Each episode lasts about two hours, and there are very few gaps between tunes so the intensity level rarely drops. That’s great for a fast race and I have set a personal record once or twice while listening to these shows.

For shorter interval sessions, typically speed work on the track or treadmill, I tend to opt for a handful of individual songs that get me motivated. I’ve used to find songs that match a specific beat or pace. Over the years, as I come across songs that inspire and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I’ve added to them to my list.

  • The Archers Bows Have Broken – Brand New
  • Everlong – Foo Fighters
  • You Could Be Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  • The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
  • State Of Love And Trust – Pearl Jam
  • Voodoo People – The Prodigy
  • Adios – Rammstein
  • That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings
  • It’s Time to Party – Andrew W.K.
  • Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter
  • She Bangs the Drum – The Stone Roses
  • Living on a Pray – Bon Jovi
  • Lose Yourself – Eminem
  • Working for the Weekend – Loverboy
  • Runner – Manfred Mann
  • I Love It – IconaPop
  • The Spark – Afrojack

Of course, music preference is a totally subjective thing. If you were to ask ten different people what their favorites are, you would probably get ten different lists. These are just a few of the songs I like to listen to for short burst exercises and speed work sessions. What are yours?

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