IMG_2499My name is Jason and I am thirty nine years old. For thirty six years I enjoyed the many bounties that life offered. I ate and drank well, relaxed often, and rarely engaged in physical activity of a strenuous nature. That all changed about a year ago when, while looking in the mirror, was shocked to see someone I barely recognized staring back at me. I was overweight and fast approaching forty. The window of opportunity to change my lifestyle was quickly closing. So I made a decision to get off my arse and do something about it.

The first step was to stop smoking. Breaking away from a nicotine addiction is no mean feat, evidenced by the numerous failed attempts scaring every current and ex-smoker. Each attempt carries with it the danger of substituting food for cigarettes and packing on the pounds. To avoid this fate, I joined my local gym and resolved to start running.

Full of piss and vinegar for my first session, I am not embarrassed to say that initially I struggled. I thought I would murder the treadmill and rack up five or ten miles. In reality, I could barely complete one mile. I left the gym that day with a bruised ego but rather than get discouraged, I revised my expectations and work-out plan. I researched some training plans, downloaded an app for my iPhone and came back again two days later for another shot.

Those first few months were torturous. In my mind I wanted to bust out and run ten miles every time, but I knew that was the quickest way to injury. Over time I managed to increase my distances and decrease my times, taking me to where I am now.

Over the coming months and years I aim to continue that development, revise and achieve new goals each year, and improve me personal best times at all my favorite distances, Throughout the adventure, I will share some of the more interesting and also mundane aspects of running.

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